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Feature update released

Finally, we can present our first bigger feature update for TownsmenVR on Steam! Occulus Store and Viveport will follow…

Also in order to get the annoying crash fixed that some users experience, we decided to use the version that doesn’t have the problem as new main version  of the game. The better performing but randomly crashing version can now be found in the beta channel. All users with decent hardware should be able to enjoy the game with slightly worse performance anyway.

Thanks to all of you for your feedback! We hope you like the update and that no more crashes appear and await your comments here or in the forums.
Thanks for playing!

After the tutorial, enemies will keep attacking your island from different directions and with different strength. You can deactivate this feature in the options menu.
Like the player, the enemies can now also have archers.
Townsmen now try to find new paths if they are stuck too long at one position.
Fixed an error that made the catapult falling through the ground easier while a projectile was loaded.
Fixed an issue that allowed you to build more soldiers/archers than allowed by the amount of barracks on the island.
Added a way to save and load the game progress manually as well as an autosave feature.
If you use the info button on your buildings, the name of the building will be displayed on top of the resource info.
Enemies now have a chance to drop different resources on death (instead of just swords)
Fixed an issue where people wouldn’t stop attacking thin air after their enemy was tossed away by a catapult attack.

Have fun and stay tuned to always give us feedback!