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Clouds & Sheep and Farm Invasion USA at Samsung Developers Conference 2013

By October 30, 2013June 28th, 2016No Comments

October 29th was the second day of Samsung Developers Conference 2013, and of the 50+ sessions over two days, “Up Your Game! Console-like Force Feedback in Minutes!” was mostly favored by game application developers.

Tips and Know-hows of leading game development companies

At the ‘Up Your Game! Console-like Force Feedback in Minutes!’ session, leading game development companies like Sega, Rockstar Game, and Herocraft shared theirtips and know-hows with developers. During this session, developers discussed about over 1,000 haptic games that are launched every month, and a variety of ways to satisfy game users.

Also, because console game users consistently want their games to be more realistic, many game developers are using various tools and technologies to make this possible.

Who is Immersion?

“Immersion is the Haptics Company. In other words, Immersion has been developing tactile touch solutions, also known as ‘Haptics’ for over 20 years. Haptics market is one the most rapidly growing markets, and the field of Haptics will become more and more important as the game industry expands. Immersion is going to improve our technology, so that game users would be completely satisfied.

It is extremely important to control traditional five senses when it comes to gaming. This is because users enjoy gaming more when they can instantly perceive these five senses.”

-Bob Heubel (Technology Evangelist)

Fundamentals of Sense Perception

  1. The human sense system indicates the importance of internal sources of sensation and perception that complements our experience of the external world.
  2. Traditional five senses react to our needs.
  3. Traditional five senses come from internal sources. Therefore, our emotions are closely related to traditional five senses.

“Many people nowadays are insensible to external senses, and more sensible to detailed emotional senses. Therefore, haptics need to become even more sensitive than ever.

I remember talking to my daughter on the phone when I was travelling in Europe. My daughter gave me a kiss over the phone, and it felt so real. This type of experience is what we as game developers to focus from now on.”

-Peter van der Linden (a senior Android Technology Evangelist)

Immersion collaborates with a variety of partner companies to develop innovative games, such as X-box Halo, Play Station Gran Turismo, and Nintendo Wii Legend Zelda. All of these games were developed based on human’s traditional five senses, and game lovers showed favorable responses toward these games.

During the session, two different Android version games and useful code samples were introduced to the audience. And these games show the effects and importance of sense perception in games.

More information on Immersion Haptics is available on Also, free downloadable Haptic Effect Preview and Haptic Muse Apps are available through GooglePlay Store.

A variety of companies opened booths in the Grand Ballroom, where the Keynote was held, and developers were free to explore and network. Immersion’s booth “Up Your Game! Console-like Force Feedback in Minutes!” was also available here.

“I hope this session was helpful for many developers. I believe 2013 Samsung Developers Conference played a vital role in helping Samsung, and third party developers to create amazing applications with amazing ideas.”

-Bob Heubel, Peter van der Linden