Through the Darkest of Times

Through the Darkest of Times is a strategy game, that lets you play a resistance group in Third Reich Berlin. The game covers the entire time from Hitler’s seizure of power 1933 to Germany’s unconditional surrender 1945. You plan actions of your group while at the same time try to balance the morale of your members, get resources needed for the actions and avoid getting caught by the Gestapo (Germany’s Secret Service Police during the Third Reich).

Big political events follow the actual historical time-line and influence your options and what happens to your group. Your members are fictional and procedurally generated on each playthrough. They come with different personalities, abilities and views. As leader of the group, it’s your job to fight the regime by winning hearts and minds of the people, holding your group together and leading them through the darkest of times.


  • A historical resistance strategy game taking place in Berlin during the Third Reich
  • Play as the Resistance in Third Reich Berlin
  • Fight for freedom, weaken the regime and lead your group Through the Darkest of Times
  • Made at Saftladen Berlin by Paintbucket Games


Additional information

  •  Available Platforms coming soon:
  • PC
  •  Game Controller support:
  • None
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