Stage Dive Legends

Show everybody who’s the best crowd surfer in this crazy tour around the world!
Whether it’s New York, London, Berlin or Paris – your tour will take you to cities all over the globe! Join the endless fun in this epic rock star saga and experience the most legendary moment at every rock show: the stage dive!
Smash your guitar, speed up and jump into the cheering crowd! Rush through the concert hall and get carried away by your freaked-out fans.

Perform crazy stunts, collect golden coins and use amazing power-ups to entertain the party crowd! Avoid flying obstacles like bombs, bananas and the occasional burger.
‘Stage Dive Legends’ is a super-fast runner game with lots of excitement and fun. Play to hard-rocking songs, run backstage, customize your favorite rock star and find the best way to top the records! Explore a vast amount of missions in a race through cities all over the globe. Prove your skills and become a true stage dive legend! Let’s rock!


  • Endless crowd racing run
  • Master challenging Missions
  • Collect crazy power-ups
  • Customize your own rock star
  • Beat the high score
  • Hard rocking soundtrack

Additional information

  •  Available Platforms:
  • iOS (5.0 or later)
  • Android (2.3.3 and up)
  • Amazon Fire Phone
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows 8
  • Tizen
  •  Game Controller Support:
  • None
  •  Special Features:
  • Game Center support (iOS)
  • Google Play game services support (Android)
  • Control the game using the fire Phone Cameras (Amazon fire Phone)
  •  Age Rating: