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April 12, 2018

Thank you for funding – Townsmen VR

WE ARE SO PROUD! We are very happy and proud to receive one of the highest amounts of government funding ever granted for games for our virtual reality god-game Townsmen VR. (mehr …)
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April 11, 2018

Townsmen VR wins BEST GAME DESIGN at DCP

Townsmen VR did it! Our virtual reality god-game simulation, Townsmen VR, has been awarded in the category Best Game Design at the German Computer Games Award! (mehr …)
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Townsmen VR NEWS featured image update
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März 29, 2018

Townsmen VR – first feature update

Feature update released Finally, we can present our first bigger feature update for TownsmenVR on Steam! Occulus Store and Viveport will follow... (mehr …)
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März 19, 2018

NEW VIDEO ~ Townsmen VR dev commentary

Let's Play Townsmen VR - with the game designer Welcome to our Townsmen VR dev commentary with Philipp Nägelsbach, the game designer of this game! (mehr …)
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