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Forget about Sudoku! The simple and genius puzzle infeCCt will get you soon! Train your brainpower in a playful manner. Enter mysterious temple ruins and connect all tiles of the ancient challenges. With blocked tiles, intersections and tunnels, this is not as easy as you might believe.

In order to solve each of the numerous and tricky puzzles, you have to think more than one step ahead. But every success also means that your brain can apply previously acquired knowledge to a new situation. Do you want to improve your intelligence? Get infeCCted!


Addictive puzzle fun
Simple rules for a quick start
Training of intelligence and creativity
Optimization of thinking processes
300 tricky challenges


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“This game is great exercise for the mind and very, very addicting. I just can’t stop playing, I think my finger is starting to bleed!!! ”
— iTunes User

“Infectious, indeed! Can’t put it down until I’m so tired that I can’t think at all.”
— Google Play User

“Very good game. There are a ton of levels, and each one takes no more than two minutes, so great distraction that is always near a stopping point. It has a simple concept that can make you think as well as smooth controls. Well done!”
— Amazon Apps User

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 Available Platforms:
Android (1.6 and up), iOS (4.0 or later)

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