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Providing employees with an environment that promotes their well-being and comfort is not only in the employee’s interest, but also in the interest of the employer. At HandyGames™, we believe in the idea that our employees need to be happy in order to work productively. We provide them with surroundings and an atmosphere that help them achieve great things – not only for our company’s sake, but especially for their sake.

Having enough leisure time to recharge their creativity, the opportunity to communicate openly and productively with the team and management and, of course, the proper tools to perform the outstanding feats we know our employees are capable of are all essential for shaping a successful company.

Modern workplaces Icon

Modern workplaces

Each of our employees has their own modern workspace with state-of-the-art technology.

Flat hierarchy Icon

Flat hierarchy

Due to flat hierarchies, the decision-making process is short and quick, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Experienced co-workers Icon

Experienced co-workers

Our development teams consist of experienced professionals from all over the world.

Feel-good atmosphere Icon

Feel-good atmosphere

Those who work hard deserve a pleasant working atmosphere, including funny events with co-workers, appealing offices and delicious snacks.

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Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours allow for a daily schedule that caters to your individual needs.

Paid vacation Icon

Paid Vacation

Not only do we offer you 30 days of paid vacation per year, but we also let you take bridge days off to extend your weekends.

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Agile development

We develop our products using the “Scrum” method – the most effective way of working!

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New technologies

We always strive to be at the forefront of the latest technological innovations.

Job Benefits Welcome Package Icon

Welcome package

Settling in has never been so easy! Enjoy the comfort of a free company flat for the first month.

Job Benefits Parcel Service Icon

Parcel service

Don’t worry about your deliveries – just have them sent to the office.

Job Benefits Party Icon


There are a several reasons to celebrate throughout the year and don’t forget our awesome Christmas party!

Job Benefits Activity Icon


Good team spirit is a huge priority for us! So join the fun with our team activities.

Job Benefits Sports Icon


Our company takes part in sports competitions regularly. Plus, you can get tickets for major sports events cheaper if you’re part of our team.

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TV and WiFi

We offer free WiFi all around the offices as well as a flatscreen TV to make the best out of your lunch break.

Job Benefits Company Wear Icon

Company wear

Be part of the team with our company t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Perfect working conditions

  • 40 hours per week thanks to Scrum
  • Flexible working hours
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • Annual holidays at the turn of the year
  • Plenty of training and career opportunities
  • Advantage of small teams
  • Familiar atmosphere
  • Amazing colleagues
  • Free company wear
  • Free usage of TV and WiFi
  • Free fresh fruit and candy
  • Kitchen with freezer, microwave, stove and dish washer
  • Affectionately designed theme rooms “Alp“ and “North Sea“

Meet your colleagues

Man working in the game industrie

“I decided to start my career in the games industry many years ago at HandyGames™. Over time, my colleagues have become much more to me than just that – we’re now a family that cares deeply about the projects it brings to life.”

– Vitalij Trinkenschuh, Chief Submission Officer

Man working in the game industrie

“Even though I am not a German native speaker, I have no difficulties whatsoever working at HandyGames™ since the teams are small and made up of international professionals. It does not matter where you come from – what matters are your talent, your ideas and your creativity.”

– Danko Pantovic, Game Artist

HandyGames™ - join our team!

„After my parental leave, I’ve chosen a career at HandyGames™. The flexible workhours made the return to a professional life much easier and allowed me to still tend to the needs of my children and family as well.“

– Nicole Murrmann, Administrative Assistant