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Industry 4.0 Apps

Into a successful future with Industry 4.0 apps: Interlaced machines, cross-linked tools and interconnected products are no longer science fiction. The amazing innovations of the so-called fourth industrial revolution do not only save time and money, they are also providing companies a wide range of optimisation possibilities in the areas of production, transport and logistics – from the approach of a Smart Factory up to completely autonomous vehicles.

The “Internet of things” AKA “IoT” is also contributing to the improvement and automation of work processes: Detailed workflow information, for example, can be recorded, analysed and visualized anywhere and at any time by a cross-linked wearable – comfortable and easy through a user-friendly input mask. The maxim here is “speed and flexibility through interconnected process”: We’ll explain how this future vision can already be achieved by the use of powerful and smart apps.

Smart logistics solutions
and intelligent networking

After the development of steam engines, production lines and electrical engineering, Industry 4.0 is not less than the prelude of the fourth industrial revolution: Therefore we developed a smart intralogistics solution which is tailored towards the needs of a networked storage system.

One of major characteristic of our logistics software Pick-by-Watch is the integration of smartwatches, smartphones und tablets in the entire picking process. This step forms the basis for a quicker and more efficient handling of commissioning – connected and controlled via an internal or external wireless network.

Maximum efficiency

By this connection with a central database, the user can comfortably request any information about the picking process in real time via his tablet or smartwatch: Pick-by-Watch will automatically check and inform the user about order details like the exact warehouse location and storage place of the required goods.

User-friendly graphical interface

Thanks to automated processing of data and the continuous updating of the various work steps, even an extremely detailed and complex workflow can be broken down into easy to follow steps for the user in real time. The intuitive graphical user interface also helps to handle the order picking and distribution of goods: Clear and unambiguous visual symbols are replacing chaotic lists to avoid any confusion for the user.

Of course, our software Pick-by-Watch is just one of many application possibilities to optimize and simplify the operating processes within an enterprise or factory. If you want to take advantage of the many benefits of smart apps, please contact us – we will be happy to develop a tailor-made software solution which matches the individual needs of your company.

All benefits of Industry 4.0 apps at a glance:

Industry 4.0 Highly intuitive operation Icon

Highly intuitive operation

Thanks to the user-friendly graphical interface, the handling is quite intuitive – even for new users.

Industry 4.0 Automatic update process Icon

Automatic update process

All data is entered, updated and transferred in real time.

Industry 4.0 Real time feedback Icon

Real time feedback

Changes or new information are immediately transmitted to the wearable devices without delay.

Industry 4.0 Minimised administrative effort Icon

Minimised administrative effort

Work steps and actions don’t have to be recorded manually any more.

Industry 4.0 Maximum efficiency Icon

Maximum efficiency

Detailed documentation helps to quickly locate redundant or ineffective steps in the workflow and to simplify operations.

Industry 4.0 Simple data exchange Icon

Simple data exchange

All relevant data are available any time at each workplace in the network.