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HandyGames™ is known as a developer of high-quality mobile games. And it’s true: essentially, that’s what we are. But we not only create mobile games, we also go “beyond mobile”, offering our awesome games on non-mobile devices. This approach has proven to be successful: HandyGames™ is one of the world’s leading developers of wearable games. Just as much as we do not want to restrict ourselves when it comes to platforms, we also do not want to restrict ourselves in regard to the type of high-quality applications we want to offer our users.

That’s why we decided to set out to conquer mobile devices with unique and innovative apps instead of games alone. We’ve already established sophisticated and intelligent solutions in a broad spectrum of different fields. These include our modular health and fitness apps, the Industry 4.0 app “Pick-By-Watch”, virtual reality and augmented reality apps as well as watch faces. Learn more about our exciting projects on the respective detail pages. We also provide unique and individual solutions, tailored to fit your individual requirements. Contact us:

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360° Panoramic Photography

Present yourself in 360°! 360° Panoramic Photography is the new way to showing places, events and businesses on the internet. This new visualization technology, also known as 360° panoramas, virtual tours, spherical panoramas, panoramic photos, omniviews or 3D tours, gives the user the possibility to “be there and look around” – a kind of immersion and interaction, which has never been possible with conventional commercial photography and not even with image videos.

Panoramic photos are unique visual experiences and allow the audience to be immersed in a seamless 360° virtual environment, which offers far more contextual information than a series of static pictures. The goal is differentiation from the competition, which is rarely achieved through standardised, and hence increasingly comparable products, but rather via customer relationship. Especially today, where many prospective clients base their purchase decisions exclusively on an online experience, 360-degree panorama photos are an excellent option to stand out from the crowd.


Clouds & Sheep – AR Effects

‘Clouds & Sheep – AR Effects’ can only be used in conjunction with the Sony AR effect application and on selected Sony Xperia devices!
Sony’s FACE RECOGNITION Technology and SmartAR* Engine automatically detect faces and 3D environments and decorate them with fun AR items.
*SmartAR is the registered trademark or trademark of Sony Corporation in Japan and other countries, for the augmented reality technology developed by Sony Corporation.

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

Clouds & Sheep – AR Effects for example allows the user to project a customizable interactive pasture, complete with clouds and sheep, onto any surface in the view of your Sony Xperia device camera. It is the very first AR app in our portfolio, but it will definitely not be the last! We have all kinds of exciting plans for the future.


The digital revolution of healthcare has already begun: Health apps for smartphones, tablets and wearables literally allow people to take their health and fitness into their own hands. The innovative new applications can assist their users to increase their strength, stamina and mobility, or function as a digital diet coach or hydration tracker – the apps are extremely versatile and far more than a tech gimmick for top athletes.

Health and fitness apps are perfect for self-quantification (aka self-tracking, lifelogging or auto-analytics) and adaptable to the individual requirements of many target groups: With their game like interactions and interface, health apps can encourage and positively influence all kinds of user to get on track, become active and stay healthy. For a higher quality of life, even at an advanced age.

Possible health app modules and features

Health Apps Hydration Tracker Icon
Health Apps Weight Manager Icon

Weight manager

The weight manager can assist users to keep track of their diet progress, their weight change and their fat level.

Hydration tracker

The module “Hydration tracker” prevents the risk of dehydration by reminding the user at adjustable times to drink something.

Health Apps Activity Tracker Icon
Health Apps Emergency Rescue Button Icon

Activity tracker

This feature can help to prevent a lack of activity and is designed to motivate the users to be more active.

Emergency rescue button

The module “Emergency rescue button” provides the possibility to trigger an instant emergency call.

Health Apps Exercises Icon
Health Apps Medication Assistant Icon


The module “Exercise” offers a wide range of pre-installed exercises to improve the mobility, strength and stamina of the user.

Medication assistant

The medication assistant reminds the user to take their medications at adjustable times and tracks their medication adherence.


What you wear is up to you: Our Android Wear Watch Faces give you the freedom to decide yourself what you want to see when you check the time on your smartwatch. Customize the watch face of your wearable the way you like it best. Whether you want to turn your Android Wear device into a bold, colorful fashion statement to be carried on your wrist, add an extra sparkle and a little luxury to your outfit or prefer sleek, classy and minimalist designs – HandyGames™ offers you a diverse range of watch face collections with countless combinations for you to choose from.

Change your watch face’s background, hands and more to express your individual style – the choice is up to you! When you feel like it’s time for something new, you can simply switch between watch faces via your smartphone or directly on your smartwatch. You can download all of our Watch Faces Apps for your Android Wear device on the Google Play Store.

style Collection – Watch Face

The ‘style Collection – Watch Face’ is a collection of sleek, analog watch faces for your Android Wear device. Its modern yet timeless design makes it suitable for any style and any time of the day. The customization possibilities are nearly endless and give you the freedom to express your individual style exactly the way you want to: create your own unique watch face by customizing the bezel, background, numerals, three hands and subdials sets of your stylish watch face separately. This exclusive collection features countless combinations in a pure and simple design. With the ‘style Collection – Watch Face’, you’ll have the date, day of the week, your smartwatch’s battery life and a 24-hour clock at a glance. The app lets you enter a text that will be displayed on your watch. Type in your name, a short note, a date that is special to you or something else entirely – feel free to use special characters, too. Transform your smartwatch into a timelessly beautiful, extraordinary timepiece. Which combination do you feel like wearing today?

style Collection – Watch Face Moto 360